Sterilizing pets

Do you need more reasons to sterilize your pet? In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, sterilization prevents many diseases and unwanted behaviors.

Sterilization of females – prevents the occurrence of ovarian or uterine cancer, ovarian cysts, breast tumors, and uterine infections.

Sterilization of males – Removal of both testicles sounds worse than it is … and no … they will not miss them. Sterilized males have a very low risk of prostate problems or prostate cancer. Also, doing this while they are still young can reduce their aggression or the risk of chasing females in the heat. So, sterilize him before “love” makes him run into a car.


People are often worried that their pet will become obese after sterilization. However, aging and sedentary lifestyle influence this and we know this from us … people. Obesity is one of the most common diseases. It is true that lower levels of hormones can lower the activity level of the pet. The solution …. is just less food and more exercise. It is also a myth that females must go through a heat cycle before being sterilized. There is no medical evidence to support this, in fact the more heat cycles pass, the higher the risk of developing breast cancer.

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