Veterinary Ultrasound

Types of ultrasound examination: abdominal, in order to identify structural disorders in the organs of the abdominal cavity / pelvis; non-cardiac thoracic, in order to identify and characterize structural diseases in the thoracic cavity, excluding the heart; ocular, in order to identify and characterize diseases of the segments of the eyeball (anterior / posterior chamber, […]

Laboratory Tests

Internal medicine specialists have the competence to solve complex diagnostic problems and to monitor severe chronic diseases, often in polypathological conditions, by establishing an adequate therapeutic plan. Internal medicine also provides patients with disease prevention and health promotion services related to preventive medicine. Laboratory: For the diagnosis and pathology of internal organ diseases at the […]

Internal medicine

Internal Medicine is a branch of medicine that aims to preserve and restore the health of the patient and studies the physical, chemical and biological processes of life, structures and functions of the body, causes and mechanisms of disease, and means of diagnosis, treatment and their prevention, with a focus on diseases and pathology of […]