Veterinary Dentistry

  If you notice that your pet’s teeth have yellow spots, their gums are irritated or their mouth smells very bad, take your pet to a consultation, because these are the first signs. In our hospital we can do a detailed dental examination after which we can offer you solutions to these problems – from […]

Sterilizing pets

Do you need more reasons to sterilize your pet? In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, sterilization prevents many diseases and unwanted behaviors. Sterilization of females – prevents the occurrence of ovarian or uterine cancer, ovarian cysts, breast tumors, and uterine infections. Sterilization of males – Removal of both testicles sounds worse than it is … […]

The vaccination of pets

Call your veterinarian before you take your puppy, they can give you important information about the things to keep in mind when you get a puppy. As soon as you get your furry little friend, take it to the vet, and, if possible, bring a fecal sample (puppies often have intestinal parasites). At this first […]