Ruxandra Tenia

Co-founder of Pet Stuff Hospital 2006

  • graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest class of 2009
  • graduate of the Master of Clinic and Pharmacy FMVB class of 2012
  • participated at the Anesthesia Workshop within the 4th Congress of the Romanian Society of Emergencies and Intensive Care RoVECCS 2017 in Bucharest
  • participated at the AFAST TFAST emergency ultrasound workshops from the RoVECCS 2015 and 2016 congresses
  • participated at the first Congress of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Veterinary Therapy Tuvecca Istanbul Turkey 2016
  • participated at the second Congress of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Veterinary Therapy TuVECCA in Antalya Turkey 2017
  • participated at the AFAST TFAST Ultrasound Workshop within Tuvecca 2017 with Kris Gommeren DVM, MSc, PhD, DipECVIM, DipECVECC, EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care and Soren Boysen DVM, DACVECC Professor at the University of Calgary., VCDS
  • participated at the 16th EVECC European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Congress Dublin, Ireland 2017
  • graduate of the ESAVS Course (European School for Advance Veterinary Study) ANESTHESIOLOGY module 1 Vienna Austria 2018
  • participated at the annual congresses of the Romanian Society of Emergencies and Intensive Care RoVECCS from 2015 – 2018 Bucharest and 2019 Cluj

Medical competences:

  • Anesthesia, Analgesia
  • Intensive Care
  • Internal Medicine

She grew up knowing what she will be when she grows up

Dr. Ruxandra Tenia formed her professional base through the way she developped as a person. From an early age, she learned that the love for animals can go beyond what was presented in cartoons, inspired by her father’s profession, a veterinarian. Looking at him, she assimilated the love of little friends, the idea of science and pragmatism – she understood that simple admiration can mean more and can be directed towards everything that is alive, with a saving purpose.

She started studying in 2003 and has not stopped even now

In other words, she is one of those people who grew up knowing exactly what they will study. Many people imagine something else, but the studies to become a veterinarian are as intensive as those to become any kind of doctor. So Ruxandra also spent no less than 8 years of her life on university benches (6 years for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest and two more years for a master’s degree in Clinic and Pharmacy).

After eight years of study, she did not graduate and just got to work, but continued deepen her knowledge and learn new things, taking part in conferences and workshops on anesthesia, intensive care, emergency medicine and more. She gained experience in anesthesia and the management of geriatric patients, proving that age is not a “disease” or an impediment to anesthesia.

At present, in addition to emergency therapy and medicine, she specializes in inhalation anesthesia – a state-of-the-art procedure that has the advantages of being suitable for both geriatrics (elderly animals) and pediatrics (puppies), without overtaxing other organs.

Therefore, Ruxandra uses this latest technology in veterinary medicine, which anesthetizes quadrupeds using multimodal inhalation anesthesia, just like in humans, and the animals wake up calm and painless from an operation.

In the last 3 years, out of over 350 anesthetics performed, 40% were geriatric patients (> 11 years old), the oldest being an 18-year-old half-breed puppy.

All geriatric patients recovered without problems from anesthesia, which is why many colleagues turn to the services of our veterinary hospital when it comes to the anesthesia of geriatric patients.

Vision and entrepreneurship

A doctor must always know exactly what they are doing to a patient, but Ruxandra also knew how to create the best context for it. Since the fifth year of college, she is the co-founder of the Pet Stuff office, which she leads as head of the clinic.

She divides her day between internal medicine consultations, training for emergency medicine and inhalation anesthesia specializations, but she also finds patience for management and everything related to the training of office assistants.

Free time? Still a veterinarian, undercover

In her free time, when she does not have to offer consultations and care advice for the four-legged friends or even the cousins of friends, she sets out to travel around the world. Which is good, you never know what injured puppy she will find in a harbor, or what bird chicks are lost from the nest in an exotic forest. ☺