Romica Daniel Chintoi

He is a volunteer, together with his dogs Billy and Zura-Mura, in the Sar (Search and Rescue) team of the Utility Dog Club and a professional trainer.

He has gained experience in working with dogs in the last five years within the Sar team and as a volunteer in the Codruț School program. He is still part of these two projects initiated by the Utility Dog Club as a handler and professional instructor and trainer in his free time 🙂

Professionally, he is interested in promoting positive training, based on scientific evidence about how dogs learn and what motivates them to please us. Quality, as opposed to the amount of time spent together, will make the difference in your relationship with the dog.

“I have every hope that in the coming years we will be able to see a change of attitude in the approach to dog education. The training will be more based on techniques that take into account the individual experience of the dog and will not have as a main goal obtaining robotically executed behaviors.

I can say from experience that through play and enjoyable activities, learning will be achieved to the highest standards. ”