Cristina Coman

It may seem incomprehensible, but I would write books about others, but when I have to describe myself it seems as if the mind gets stuck. It shouldn’t be like that, especially after 10 years of experience in Marketing, an active Faculty of Sociology and many wonderful projects that can be my business card without a doubt.

But, I will take the lead and start by telling you that I am a big animal lover. No, these are no big words, since I am the happy owner of the most adorable kitten in the world! A soul that I saved from the street and that identifies with my own soul! That with love.

Related to passions, Social Media is on the first place, in competition with travel. Both mean to discover, both involve a curious nature, to like the new, to have the pleasure of communicating, to make time to meet people you know nothing about, both of which require organization, strategy and dedication.

What about the job? Well, I dedicated my creativity, knowledge and ideational universe to the fascinating marketing. For almost the same reasons on which my passions for Social Media and Travel are based.