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Our veterinary hospital is equipped with:

Portable otoscope – it is a compact and safe solution for observing the eardrum and outer ear. The front part is detachable to ensure hygienic conditions.

Portable ophthalmoscope – with precise and uniform lighting. They can also be found in the fixed version with the same specifications.

Contec 08A-Vet electronic blood pressure monitor – uses the oscillometric method to detect blood pressure and is equipped with small and large cuffs for pets.

‘Wood’ dermatological lamp uses UVA radiation and is used to provide an accurate diagnosis when testing for certain pigmentation and infectious skin disorders.

Littmann stethoscopes – used for pulmonary and cardiac listening providing high acoustic sensitivity.

Foldable cages for Buster Oxygen Therapy and WEIPU Type 1601 IP44 Oxygen Cages – necessary to eliminate hypoxia (insufficient oxygenation of tissues) caused by respiratory failure.

Omron nebulizer – used in artificial aerosol therapy, useful in treating upper respiratory tract infections. The device is used to transform liquid medication into vapors that reach directly to the site of inflammation, in the airways, through inhalation with a mask or folding cage for Oxygen Therapy.

RHCN 200 ATC refractometer – optical instrument that allows the measurement of the refractive index of a solution, it is used to determine the qualitative properties of normal or pathological fluids in the animal body.

Centrifuge Capp Rondo CR 68X – indispensable tool in the laboratory. It works on the principle of accelerated sedimentation, being useful in the analysis of blood and urine.

Olympus and Optika microscopes, each equipped with 4 lenses (4X, 10X, 40X and 100X) – allow quantitative and qualitative analysis of blood components and visualization.

Hematology device Idexx VetAutoread – provides important information about the hematological system and other organ systems. The hemoleukogram consists in the automatic measurement of the following parameters: erythrocyte number, hemoglobin, hematocrit, erythrocyte indices, platelet number, leukocyte number and formula.

Idexx VetTest 8008 – uses dry technology performing a complete blood biochemical profile, a way to evaluate the functions of internal organs, measure electrolytes in the body and identify the level of circulating enzymes.

Idexx Vet Lab Station is, as the name implies, a station connected to the hematology and biochemistry devices, with a database in which the patients’ data and their results are stored.

Woodley Insight mobile device for the determination of Hematocrit and Hemoglobin.

Bayer glucometer – for quick determination of blood glucose levels.

Alpinion ultrasound – equipped with 2 probes, a microconvex and a linear one, is used to visualize different structures (muscles, tendons, internal organs). It allows the determination of the dimensions, the evaluation of the internal structure of the organs and the highlighting of some lesions, based on the images obtained in real time.

The surgery room is equipped with Scialitic Surgical Lamps, Portable Laryngoscopes, three Oxygen Bottles, Kentamed 1 ME and Bipolar Microscalpal 50 Monopolar electrocauters, Sequal Eclipse Mobile Oxygen Concentrator, two Dragger Sulla 909V Inhalation Anesthesia Devices, Concentrator de MatentrME V V5WNS Oxygen, Welch Ally Propaq Encore Vital Function Monitor and Meditech Capnograph, Makita Bormasina for Orthopedic Surgery, Woodpecker UDS B Descaling Device, Aspirate Wound Surgical Vacuum Cleaners, PM Mindray 60 Vet Pulse Oximeter.
For complete pre- and postoperative asepsis, automatic TsTau Sterile 2000 autoclaves, the device for decontamination of the air with Ozone particles AE-141 and the lamps with ultraviolet radiation are used for their bactericidal effect.
Braun Infusion Pumps, Injectomate Ascor Pilot fms and Argus and Infusion Heating Pumps – used to control the quality and speed of infused solutions over a long period of time and at a high volume.