Developing and strengthening the link between man and animal.

Individualized medical services.

Educating clients about their role in maintaining animal health.

Creating a work environment where each team member is valued, respected and has the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.
The appropriation of our mission by all team members has allowed us to maintain the quality of medical services offered to our patients.


  • We treat all animals like members of our family.
  • We treat with respect, consideration and empathy the needs of our clients and patients, offering them a pleasant experience at every visit in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
  • We understand that each patient is unique, and we want to offer personalized services dedicated to their needs, while meeting the expectations of their family.
  • We improve daily to become a standard of good practice in scientific evidence-based veterinary medicine.
  • We maintain a professional work environment based on mutual respect, in which we continue to improve our personal and team skills through mutual support.
  • We want to educate customers to become responsible owners and live a harmonious life with their pet.


  • We learn every day

We are constantly educating ourselves and trying new approaches, therapies and technologies to provide the best care for our patients.

  • Professional and personal integrity

It is important to treat our clients and colleagues with the same respect and professionalism with which we want to be treated in turn.
Our integrity is reflected in the way we treat our patients.

  • Fairness

We put the interests of the patient and their family first.

  • Comfort

Physically and mentally for our patients and their owners.

  • Ethical principles

“Do what is right, at the right time, for the right reasons.”

  • Compassion

Even if it is tiring or sometimes exhausting, we must offer it daily to the owners and our patients.

  • Team

We believe in the importance of teamwork. We recognize the merits of each team member who contributes through personal skills to achieving the goals of our team.
We value and respect the talent, dedication, initiative and involvement of our team members.

  • Availability

Try to always be available to your patients, their owners, and your teammates.

  • Respect

For any living being, for clients, patients and colleagues.

  • Transparency

We are sincere, open, we recognize when we make mistakes and we try to learn from them.

  • Passion for what we do

If you love what you do, you won’t have to work a day in your life.
Do not come to work for social or financial reasons, come with joy and you will leave at the end of the day with the satisfaction that you have tried to change at least two lives for the better.

  • Safety

Patients and healthcare professionals is a priority for us.

  • Quality

In all services offered.

Short history

2006 - Pet Shop

Pet Stuff was founded in 2006 by Dr. Ruxandra Tenia and Dr. Cristian Cristea, the starting point being represented by a Pet Shop in Crângași Square.

2009 - Veterinary office

In 2009 we opened a veterinary office with 4 people. We kept developing each year, and at the end of 2018 we had employed a total of 8 doctors, 6 nurses and 5 more colleagues as auxiliary personnel, reception, cosmetics, and cleaning.

2019 - Non-stop veterinary hospital

In 2019, together with our colleague Dr. Alexandru Buzdea, we opened, in the 6th Sector, a non-stop veterinary hospital where a total number of 19 doctors work; 8 of them have an experience of 4-10 years, while 11 graduated from the class of 2018/2019. We have 8 more nurses, 2 colleagues at reception and one in charge of cleaning. These 30 people are joined by 10 volunteer students that we have in practice.


At the hospital we collaborate with European and American diplomats, with whom we specialize in various branches of veterinary medicine: internal medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, anesthesia and intensive care, soft tissue surgery, endoscopy and orthopedic surgery.

Our 15 years of experience in the animal world, and the ongoing training and welfare courses we constantly attend, have helped us identify some special needs of cats, animals that are much easier to stress, and are often much harder to be brought to a routine consultation than a dog that weighs as much as 10 cats. 😊

The team



Recomandări din partea clienților noștri.

The doctors are very careful, and they won my trust. I highly recommend.


Wonderful doctors, passionate about what they do, they give their best for each and every animal. I highly recommend.


Young, modern doctors, with a big soul. The most wonderful team!


Real professionals, involved and very helpful! My kitten has been saved and is now very happy and playful!


I’m Bibina, last year I ate off the floor – I’m also called the “dumpster girl” – and I got sick, I couldn’t eat anymore, I had lost a lot of weight. After I met you, you quickly spotted the problem, treated me, and that’s how I started to recover. It also helped me a […]

Bibina, 5 years old – European cat

I went to Pet Stuff Veterinary Hospital to treat my cocker who suffered from chronic bronchitis and other complications and I didn’t think he would survive. Thanks to the professionalism of doctor Cristea Cristian and the team, the dog recovered spectacularly. I highly recommend this cabinet!

Kara, 14 years old – cocker

Many thanks to the Pet Stuff team that struggled with Honey for a month. Honey knows who cured him and is happy every time he comes to the hospital. I am content now that I didn’t stop until I found a place where I felt there were people who really wanted to try to help […]

Honey, 13 years old – Labrador

When we were found, we were very small, exhausted and fragile. Each of us received medical help and a lot of affection at Pet Stuff Veterinary Hospital from Dr. Ruxandra Tenia and Dr. Daniel Cristea. Two doctors with a big soul and an unmistakable affectivity. Moreover, we have all been adopted!

Three abandoned kittens