Our services

We are specialized in the most recent treatment innovations for animals.

Internal medicine

The doctors of the Pet Stuff veterinary hospital are training continuously both in the country and abroad, to offer the most innovative diagnostic methods, individualized for each patient, but also the best treatment according to the species, breed, and age of each of the animals that come to our hospital.

Veterinary surgery

The surgery department of our veterinary hospital ensures that our patients receive the most complete and advanced surgical treatment regardless of the patient's age or the degree of complexity of the intervention.

Laboratory tests

Our veterinary hospital has a high-performance equipment and qualified staff to ensure a wide range of laboratory tests useful in diagnosing and monitoring the health of our patients.

Veterinary ultrasound

To complete the general clinical examination and blood tests we can also do ultrasound examinations. The ultrasound can help us obtain additional information on the morphology of the internal organs.

Our strengths

Here are a few special services that you and your four-legged friend can find with us.

Inhalation anesthesia and analgesia

Our anesthesia and pain management department offers advanced anesthesia and pain control protocols for cats, dogs and other pets. Our experienced staff in anesthesia will pay attention to your friend, before, during and after the surgery.

Preventive medicine and nutrition

Our doctors will establish the best plan for you to prevent infectious, parasitic and nutritional diseases. They can also give you advice on pediatric and geriatric patient management.

Intensive care

Our intensive care unit provides adequate care for critically ill patients. Each patient admitted to the intensive care unit is carefully monitored by our staff and constantly evaluated by the doctor.


Recommendations from our clients

The doctors are very careful, and they won my trust. I highly recommend.


Wonderful doctors, passionate about what they do, they give their best for each and every animal. I highly recommend.


Young, modern doctors, with a big soul. The most wonderful team!


Real professionals, involved and very helpful! My kitten has been saved and is now very happy and playful!


I’m Bibina, last year I ate off the floor – I’m also called the “dumpster girl” – and I got sick, I couldn’t eat anymore, I had lost a lot of weight. After I met you, you quickly spotted the problem, treated me, and that’s how I started to recover. It also helped me a […]

Bibina, 5 years old – European cat

I went to Pet Stuff Veterinary Hospital to treat my cocker who suffered from chronic bronchitis and other complications and I didn’t think he would survive. Thanks to the professionalism of doctor Cristea Cristian and the team, the dog recovered spectacularly. I highly recommend this cabinet!

Kara, 14 years old – cocker

Many thanks to the Pet Stuff team that struggled with Honey for a month. Honey knows who cured him and is happy every time he comes to the hospital. I am content now that I didn’t stop until I found a place where I felt there were people who really wanted to try to help […]

Honey, 13 years old – Labrador

When we were found, we were very small, exhausted and fragile. Each of us received medical help and a lot of affection at Pet Stuff Veterinary Hospital from Dr. Ruxandra Tenia and Dr. Daniel Cristea. Two doctors with a big soul and an unmistakable affectivity. Moreover, we have all been adopted!

Three abandoned kittens

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